Pedagogical and Psychosocial Implications of Quarantine by Covid-19 on Chilean Students


María Mercedes Yeomans Cabrera
Alicia Silva Fuentes


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Yeomans Cabrera, M. M., & Silva Fuentes, A. (2020). Pedagogical and Psychosocial Implications of Quarantine by Covid-19 on Chilean Students. Revista Educación Las Américas, 10(1), 106-117.


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The present academic note presents the scenario that Chilean students are facing in their learning process due to the quarantine by Covid-19. Schools’ closure and quarantine might have some psychosocial implications on students’ lives that may affect the learning process. Both, pedagogical and psychosocial areas are important to analyze in order to have a closer perspective of what students are dealing with. Although measures have been taken to ensure that the student's learning process is not disrupted, there are different factors that can affect a student's learning from a pedagogical and psychosocial perspective. In order to make better pedagogical decisions in future, it is very relevant to have an overview of teaching and learning processes in pandemic context. The need for educational authorities to re-elaborate and improve this emergency plan to meet the current educational needs becomes urgent. It is necessary to overcome not only academic issues, but psychosocial and social needs, improving learning experiences and considering stressors that negatively impact their home-school educational process and also providing meaningful interactions to socialize and keep strengthening and building relationships inside the scholar community. 

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implicancias psicosociales